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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chapter 4 - Other things

Apologies for the delay.  Please Enjoy.

It won't be that long for Chapter 5.


As always - I do not own Fifty Shades of Grey or any of the characters. 

Chapter 4
Christian arrives home as Grace and Carrick are already doting over Teddy.  He greets his parents, kisses Teddy, and comes over to greet me.  While he gives me a seemingly chaste kiss for his parents to see, he nonchalantly slides his hand down my back over my buttocks and reaches underneath to cup me, out of their line of vision.  Fortunately, or not, I am wearing a long flowing print skirt, so he’s limited to touching me through the material.  I’m hoping my in-laws don’t notice the blush creeping over my whole body.
Mrs. Taylor has prepared salmon rolls stuffed with crabmeat, wild rice, and green beans in lemon zest.  We choose to eat at the kitchen island rather than the formal dining room so we can all take turns eating and holding Teddy.  At times like this, I frequently catch Christian hanging back and watching.  Taking it all in, with that lost look of his.  For so long he had set his mind that marriage and family were not in his future; he is alternately amazed and fearful.  I see him doing that tonight, so I slide my chair closer to him and lay my head on his shoulder as he eats.  It seems to bring him back to the present. 
Later, after we’ve said our goodbyes to Grace and Carrick, Christian follows me to Teddy’s room.  “Mrs. Grey, when you are done feeding the man who wants to usurp my company from me, I believe there was a promise, neigh, a challenge put forth.  I will be available to give you my interpretation of ‘other things’.”  Ooh. 
For some reason it feels like nursing takes longer than usual, though the nursery clock belies that suspicion.  When I enter our bedroom forty minutes later, I catch my breath.  Christian has dimmed the lights and lit candles throughout the room.  I step into the room to absorb the effect and feel Christian slide up behind me.  He closes the door and presses himself against my back slightly as he whispers in my ear “We aim to please, Mrs. Grey.  Now be a good girl and do as you’re told.  Take two steps, turn to face me, and remove your clothes.”
If words alone could make me climax, I would be there.  I take two steps forward and pivot on the balls of my feet until I am facing him.  I cast my eyes down.
“Look at me” he commands.  I look up, step out of my shoes, then reach around to undo my zipper.  I let my skirt fall to the floor and I step out.  I reach down to the hem of my shirt, slowly lift it over my head and let it join my skirt.  I’m left in my pale green La Perla panties and, unfortunately, a nursing bra.  I smirk a little as I think about it.
“Mrs. Grey, is something amusing you?”
“Yes, Mr. Grey. I was thinking it is a shame La Perla does not make nursing bras.”
He proceeds to stalk around me, eyeing me up and down like a predator.  “We’ll have to see what we can to about that, Mrs. Grey.  For now, let’s remove it.”  I unhook my bra and let it drop to the floor.  Christian gathers up my clothes and shoes, walks over to my closet, and proceeds to take his time hanging each item up.  The anticipation is rising in me.  
When Christian returns he has shed his shirt, shoes, and socks.  He stands in front of me just out of reach, undoes his belt, opens his gray slacks, lets them fall to the floor, and steps out.  He then picks them up, walks slowly over to his closet, and carefully hangs them up.  A moment later, he is back in front of me in only his boxers, and they are not concealing his excitement much.    
Christian looks me in the eye, then slowly walks around to stand behind me.  A full minute or two passes, he doesn’t move.  The only sound in the room is our breathing. 
He touches back of my right hand with two fingers very gently.  Slowly, with a feather light touch he traces up my arm.  My arm tingles where he touches, it is so light and just his fingertips, it leaves me wanting. 
Lingering inside my elbow, he traces small circles.  His fingers continue up my arm, little by little, reaching my shoulder, then across, stopping to trail up my neck to just behind my right ear where he makes a small circle, moves across to behind my left ear, and down to the left shoulder.  He trails down my left arm, pausing again inside my elbow with soft circles, and down to my fingertips.  I find I’m holding my breath in expectation. Christian whispers “Breathe, Anastasia.”
Without breaking contact, Christian steps around to face me, then kneels in front of me.  He moves his hand to the top of my right foot and with two fingers again moves up the side of my foot, around my ankle, and traces up the back of my leg.  He repeats what he did to my arms, making circles behind my knee using an excruciatingly light touch.  When his fingers reach my bottom they run along the edge of my panty, then up to my hip.  He uses his index finger across the top of my panties, then slowly works his way down my left leg.
Christian rises, looks at me, and walks to my side.  He crouches down and starts at my right hand again, with his lips this time.  Barely touching me he leaves glancing kisses up my arm.  Inside my elbow he uses his tongue to replicate the small circles made with his fingers.  His lips continue the path laid out by his fingers up my arm, across my shoulder, up my neck.  I gasp when he tongues circles behind my ear.   His lips and tongue proceed down my other arm, then he is on his knees behind me.
Christian’s lips start above my left ankle.  His kisses are torturing me – so gentle I want to move against him, but I don’t dare.  When his tongue contacts the back of my knee I lock my knees to keep them from buckling.  His lips reach my buttocks and he gives me a quick nip, before descending my right leg. 
After reaching my ankle, Christian lifts his head and hooks his index fingers into either side of my panties and pulls them down.  I obligingly step out, and he lifts my panties to his nose and inhales.  Then he stands, walks around to face me, and puts his fingers on my right hip and leisurely traces up my side.  His fingers glance the side of my breast delicately, then across my collar bone, and down the other side.  My breasts are standing at attention from his electrifying touch.
Christian pauses and kisses me on the nose.  “Turn around Mrs. Grey.”  I turn and face the bed.  “Now climb on the bed and stay on your hands and knees”.  I do as instructed.  “Move toward the headboard about two feet.”  I move without hesitation.  “Spread your knees apart.  Good.”
I feel Christian climb onto the bed, then I feel his hair on my calves as he positions himself on his back between my knees.  Both his hands reach up and softly caress my bottom.  I am panting with anticipation as he blows gently on my sex, then one hand leaves my bottom and comes down hard, surprising me that I give a little yelp.  He caresses my bottom again, then blows on me again, then spanks me with his other hand.  This pattern continues for ten more spanks, then suddenly his tongue is on me, circling my clitoris and suckling me.  It only takes a few moments for me to orgasm.  “Oh Christian!” I shout and collapse onto my side.
When I’ve gathered my wits, Christian is laying beside me.  “Are you spent Mrs. Grey?  I was not quite finished with you.”  I shake my head.  “Good.  Stand up at the foot of the bed, then” he commands.
I move quickly to the bottom of the bed and stand up.  Christian moves in front of me.  “On your knees and put your hands behind your back.  Good.  Now open your mouth.”  Christian puts his hands on either side of my head, and slides into my mouth.  Instinctly I bring my hand around to hold him and he stops.  “No Mrs. Grey, hands behind your back.”
Now I get the game.  Usually I fuck him with my mouth, and he lets me be in charge.  I set the pace, I decide when he moves in and out.  But tonight he wants to fuck my mouth, he wants to keep control.  I knit my hands together behind me and will myself to keep them there as Christian resumes a slow rhythm.  Very gradually he increases the tempo.  I try to move my tongue around him, to suck him a little, but each time I do he slows his pace as if going back to square one.  I read the signal to just be still.  Then Christian builds without interruption, moving in and out of my mouth, fingers tangled in my hair.  His thrusts quicken and I see his stomach muscles tighten as he pushes into my mouth one last time “Fuck. Oh yes, Ana!”
Christian drops to his knees in front of me and kisses me passionately.  “Was that enough other things for you, Mrs. Grey?”
I answer “It most certainly was, Mr. Grey.”
“Good then, it is time for bed.  Our son will wake you very shortly.”  Christian stands, pulls me to my feet, walks to my dresser, and pulls out a pair of my underwear and one of his t-shirts.  He holds out the underwear as I step in, then he pulls the shirt over my head.  He scoops me up, places me gently under the duvet, strides over to his dresser, pulls out a pair of boxers, puts them on, and slides in next to me. 
I’m so tired I don’t even remember falling asleep, and barely recollect feeding Teddy in the middle of the night.  When I first hear a scream, immediately I think it is the baby monitor and I sit bolt upright.  By the second scream I’m wide awake.  Shit, a nightmare.
I grab his shoulders to shake him awake.  “Christian, wake up.  It’s me, I’m here.  You’re safe.  Christian, wake up!”
Christian’s eyes fly open, he looks at me for a second, then he darts from the bed and out the bedroom door.  What the fuck?  Every other time he woke from a nightmare he had an urgent need to be with me, now he runs?  Is it the no sex thing?
I get up and go search Christian out. I don’t have to look far.  Christian is in the nursery standing over the crib watching Teddy sleep.   I gingerly step up behind him and slide my arms around his waist. “Are you okay?”  He nods yes, but does not avert his gaze from the sleeping infant.  We stand there silently for several minutes.  “Christian, was your dream about Teddy?”
Christian turns his head to me and I shift so I’m facing him.  “Yes” he whispers.  His eyes are wide with fear. 
“Shhh, baby.  Teddy’s fine.”  I kiss his cheeks and brush my hand across his jaw, then hold him close.  I know the nightmares are horrific for him, but this one warms my heart just a little. 
Christian nudges me back and looks at me. Then he looks confused.  “Why are you smiling?”
I smile broader.  “You love Teddy.” 
“Ana, of course I love Teddy.”
“I know you say that.  But…well, you only have dreams about people you truly love.  Your birth mother, me, and, now, Teddy.  You love Teddy.”  What I don’t say is I know with Fifty how deep that love must be for a nightmare.  “Come back to bed, sweetheart.”  I step back and hold out my hand.  Christian takes it, we walk back to our bedroom and he curls up around me with his head on my shoulder, his arm clamped around my waist, and his leg wrapping both of mine.
“I love you, Anastasia.  Teddy is an extension of you and I love him.”
“Teddy is an extension of both of us” I sigh.
“Yes, Ana.  Our family.  Go to sleep.”  We both drift off after that.


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