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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chapter 3 – Field Trips

The morning after a holiday weekend is always a rude awakening.  Christian marches into Teddy’s room during the morning feeding to kiss us goodbye and is off to work.  “Young man, take care of your mother today.  And remember, those are mine.”  He winks at me, kisses the top of Teddy’s head, then gives me a full on kiss that could easily turn into more.  “I’ll miss you today, Mrs. Grey.”
“And I you, Mr. Grey.” 
Teddy and I spend the morning sorting my closet into the short row of wearable items.  I feel wasteful, but I’m going to need to buy a few things to tide me over until I’m back to myself.  Oh well.
After two weeks I am starting to feel a bit of cabin fever, even in this cavernous house.  Teddy and I head to the kitchen.  “Mrs. Jones, er, Taylor, could you pack me a sandwich, some fruit, and a water bottle for lunch.  To go.”  Mrs. Taylor.  I’m still getting used to that.  Three months ago Jason and Gail approached us after dinner. 
“Mr. and Mrs. Grey, Mrs. Jones and I were wondering if it would be possible for us to schedule some vacation time together.”  Gail looked nervous, but Taylor had his usual stoic expression. 
Christian responded, “I see.  And when were you looking for leave?”
Gail chimed in “We were figuring it would be best to go before the baby arrives, so the sooner the better.  We wouldn’t want you to be short staffed right after becoming parents.”
Christian replied impassively “That is thoughtful of you, Mrs. Jones.  How much time will you require?” 
This time, Taylor piped up, “At least a week, sir.  Two might be better.”
“Two weeks, I see.  A bit avaricious, wouldn’t you say?”  Geez, Fifty.  Neither of them has taken a day off in forever.
Gail and Taylor glanced at each other, then Taylor spoke.  “This is for an exceptional event, sir.  We’ll be taking a honeymoon.”  They’re getting married!  I couldn’t help but have a silly grin, but Christian’s expression is all business.
“I see.  Can you have your plans together in one week?”
“Yes sir,” Taylor answered.
“Very well then, two weeks leave for both of you starting in one week.  Taylor, see to it Sawyer is prepared and get an additional security person to cover.  Also contact the service and arrange for a live out housekeeper to backfill for Mrs. Jones.”
“Yes sir.  Thank you, sir.” 
“Oh, Jason and Gail…Best wishes to you both.  I hope you will be as happy as Mrs. Grey and I.”  I quickly added my congratulations and the two of them headed back to their quarters.  Then I looked at Christian and giggled.
“Now why are you giggling, Mrs. Grey.  It was really only a matter of time.”  But I noticed he was smiling, too.   
In the end, Christian paid for their honeymoon, first class all the way.  He probably gave them a sizable cash gift, too, if I know him. 
I gather a picnic blanket, the diaper bag, and get Teddy strapped into the stroller.  I’ll check out the Bugaboo one today.  I pick up my lunch from where Mrs. Taylor has left it on the counter.  I’m one step out the front door when Sawyer intercepts me. 
“Mrs. Grey, I am to accompany you when you go out.”  Sawyer tries to keep his tone neutral, but he is obviously apprehensive.  Possibly concerned that I will argue over this?
“Very well, Sawyer.” I reply.
“I’ll just bring the car around, Mrs. Grey.”
“That won’t be necessary, Sawyer.”  I smile at his confusion.  “Could you carry the blanket, please?”
He takes the blanket with a nod, uncertain what to do next.  I just start off down the drive with the stroller, and he follows.  After about 10 minutes, the meadow is on my left and I veer off into the grass.  I find a nice spot in the sun.  “This will do, don’t you think?”
“I guess so ma’am.”   I take the blanket from him and lay it out, spread out my lunch, and lay Teddy in the blanket.  Perfect.  I can see Sawyer now understands the plan and he stations himself about 15 yards away watching the drive.  I watch Teddy gazing at the sky and cooing as I eat.  When I’m done, it’s Teddy’s turn. 
“Sawyer, I’m going to be feeding the baby.”  What is the appropriate way to tell your security man that you are about to whip out a breast?  I’m not sure if this is covered in an etiquette book anywhere.  Sawyer nods at me and moves a greater distance away.  I note he is doing his level best not to look directly at us.  I can’t help but smirk.  I know it is his job, and neither he nor I have a choice if we want to maintain peace, but really, what security risk is there in my own, albeit vast, front yard. 
Teddy is just finishing up when my Blackberry starts with ‘My Love is King’.  “Greetings!  You’ve reached Mr. Grey’s love slave and the mother of his child.  How may I help you?”
“Where are you?” He annunciates each word carefully, his voice is a mix of anger and anxiety.  What have I done now?  I haven’t gone anywhere, for goodness sake.
“What do you mean ‘where are you’?”  I try not to sound like his tone rattles me.  Even after a year, Christian’s angry voice can make me stop breathing.
“I meant where are you!  I called the house and Mrs. Taylor said you were not there.  So.  Where.  Are.  You!”
Ugh, Fifty!  “Christian, your son and I are having a picnic in the meadow.  We are about 100 yards from the house.  I can see it quite clearly.  So, while Mrs. Taylor was accurate and we are not, in fact, at the house, I think it is still fair to say we are home.  I have not gone anywhere!  And, if you must know, Sawyer is only a few yards away from us. So I would ask you to kindly adjust your tone and attitude!”  I end up shouting.
“You’re…you’re home?”  Christian is astonished.  
“Yes, for God’s sake”.  Argh.
There is silence for a moment and I sense it coming.  “And how are my love slave and child doing this afternoon?”  There it is, the mood swing.  Really, Christian’s volatility could easily rival a postpartum hormonal woman. 
“We are having a splendid time, though I think we shall return to the house shortly for a nap.” 
“Sounds delightful.  Wish I was there, Mrs. Grey.”
“Me too, Christian.  But I am certain there are others who would benefit today from your browbeating.  We’ll see you at dinner.”
“Very well, I’ll go browbeat the staff here.  Tell my son I love him and his mother.”
“Bye, Christian.”
“Bye, Anastasia.”
“Hang up, Christian.”
“If you insist.”  He sighs and hangs up.  All of a sudden, my plans for tomorrow pop into my head.  After a quick thought, I lie down with my head and Teddy’s head together and take a quick picture with my phone to send to Christian with a message. 
To: Christian Grey
From:  Anastasia Grey
Date: May 28, 2012  1:14 pm
Subject: Teddy’s schedule
I wanted to inform you that Mommy and I will be going shopping tomorrow.  She says this is non-negotiable as she has an appointment at Neimans to get a dress for the benefit on Saturday.  She also says it is good for her sanity to leave the ‘compound’ every once in a while.  She will agree to allow Sawyer or other security staff escort us if you promise not to give her a hard time.  You want her to look pretty on Saturday, don’t you?
Theodore Raymond Grey
President-in-Training, Grey Enterprise Holdings
I press send, put Teddy back into the stroller, and fold up the blanket.  Sawyer scurries over to help when he sees me preparing to leave.  My Blackberry buzzes.
To: Anastasia Grey
From: Christian Grey
Date: May 28, 2012 1:19 pm
Subject: Unauthorized field trips
Though I could arrange for Neimans to come to you, I dare not act for fear of tipping the delicate balance of Mommy’s sanity.  I will make appropriate security arrangements.  And for the record, Mommy always looks pretty.
Christian Grey
Still (last I checked) CEO, Grey Enterprise Holdings and the young master better get his eyes off my chair!
I chuckle and head back to the house.  I need more than a dress to attend the annual Coping Together benefit.  I need to figure the bizarre pumping contraption so I can detach myself from Teddy for a few hours.  And I need to figure this out while Christian is not home – I can just imagine how he would respond to this device!  Actually…nope, can’t think about that now.
Later that evening, after Teddy is down, Christian and I are getting ready for bed.
“Ana, I have made arrangements for your security detail for tomorrow.”  He is using his matter of fact, don’t think about arguing tone.
“Isn’t Sawyer going with us?”
“Yes, Sawyer will accompany you with Ryan and a new security person who is starting tomorrow.”
“Three!  Christian, isn’t that excessive?”
“No, it isn’t.”  He sighs and for once decides to explain his thinking.  “First of all, you and Teddy are two people, you require a security person for each of you.”  I am about to interrupt, but he holds up a hand so I let him continue.  “Let’s say someone tries to snatch Teddy.  A single person would have to choose between you and Teddy.  Therefore you each require someone dedicated.” 
Oh.  I never thought of it that way, but still. “Christian, do you really think someone would try to take Teddy?”
He sighs.  “Ana, don’t be naïve.  Teddy is the child of very wealthy parents.  What would you be willing to pay in ransom?”  I instantly know the answer.  Everything.
My eyes are wide and I nod to show my understanding, “But, why do we need a third person?”
“Well.  I, um, had a discussion with Sawyer and he recommended having a female on staff who is comfortable being close to you when you are, how shall we say…exposed.” 
I flop on the bed giggling.  “Poor Sawyer!  Was he really that uncomfortable?”
“I think he was more concerned with how I would react.  He repeatedly assured me that he kept his eyes several feet from you at all times.  But he also realized that outside the residence, he cannot effectively do his job that way.”
A thought occurs to me.  “Why don’t we try to get Prescott back?”  I have felt guilty for months over this.  It was my fault Christian fired her.  This could go a long way to easing my conscience.
“Ana, once you fire someone you cannot hire them back.  It doesn’t work.” 
“Why not?”  I’m wondering if this is some business school rule of which I am unaware, or just a Christian Grey thing.
“Because they will never be loyal.  The person is painfully aware they might be terminated at any time.  They tip toe around decisions, fearing it, and they never give their all.  I know you feel badly for Prescott, but I’m sure she has moved on.”
As I drift off to sleep, I think about how Christian is able to terminate relationships, albeit with employees, so readily and with such finality.  He did it with his subs, too.  This brings my worst fear to the forefront – the idea of Christian leaving me.  I’ve spoken to Flynn about it.  It took about six months, but Flynn finally swayed me to come in again, first with Christian then on my own.  I have to admit it has been enlightening, once I got over my apprehensions.
Christian calls me into the living room the next morning.  Living room may be an understatement.  It is a vast open space with a wall of windows overlooking the sound.  There are three conversation areas with seating arrangements, and a grand piano at the far end.  The furniture is what the decorator called ‘classic contemporary’, with sleek lines and solid colors.  It took a lot of discussion, but I finally convinced Christian to abandon the all white room concept. 
Christian had been reading the paper on his iPad facing the windows.  He stands as I approach him and gestures for someone else to come forward.   “Ana, this is Harrison.  Harrison, my wife, Mrs. Anastasia Grey.”  Christian introduces the newest member of Team Grey security.  We nod at each other and Christian continues.  “Harrison has been briefed on our security routines and her role in attending to you and Teddy.”  Harrison is tall, about 5’ 9”, wearing a dark suit and white blouse, similar to the other security staff.  She has blonde hair cut in a bob just below her ears with bangs.  I wonder if Christian asked for a blonde, then I realize Taylor probably wouldn’t need to be told. 
I smile at Harrison “Ms. Harrison, do you have a first name?”  It took me months to figure out Taylor, Sawyer, and Ryan’s first names.  Then I realized I just should have asked. 
“Yes, ma’am.  Heather.”  She didn’t really look like a Heather.
“How do you prefer to be addressed, Heather? Ms. Harrison?”  I always followed Christian’s lead on using last names only, but as I get more accustomed having staff I want to be my own person in this.
“Just Harrison is fine, ma’am.  Or Harry.”  I look at her quizzically.  “Harry was my nickname in the marines.  It suits me.”
“Harry it is, then.  You were a marine?”  I was trying to get to know her, but she took this as a sign to give me the bullets of her resume.
“Yes, ma’am.  Eight years in the marines.  Two tours of Iraq.  I am currently on a break from law school.  I have free-lanced in private security since I was discharged 3 years ago.  I am also the oldest of seven children in my family, and my three younger cousins lived next door.  Mr. Taylor felt my experience with young children was a plus.” I am impressed.
“Why did you leave law school?”  As soon as it is out of my mouth, I realize this is probably none of my business.
“Ma’am, if I work for you and Mr. Grey for a year, I will be able to finish law school debt free.”  Ah.
Christian jumps in “If you have no further questions, Mrs. Grey...” he looks at me to be sure I’m finished and I shake my head to indicate I am done, “Harry, Mrs. Grey will be leaving around 10.”  Harry nods, turns, and walks purposefully out of the room.  “I’m off to work, Mrs. Grey.  I’ll see you at dinner.  Have fun shopping.” 
A few hours later, I am buckling Teddy into his car seat preparing to leave.  Harry is standing beside me as I do a mental checklist.  Diaper bag, diapers, wipes, burp clothes, backup outfit…so much equipment for such a small guy.  I realized what I forgot, “Harry, could you get the stroller and put it in the back of the car?” 
“Which one, ma’am?” 
“The one that works with the car seat, please.”  Harry obliges.  I walk out the front door expecting to see the black SUV…
Sawyer has pulled around in a shiny new white Audi A7.  Where did this come from?  “Sawyer, please don’t think I’m clueless.  But when did we get this?”  I am perplexed. 
Sawyer responds “Mrs. Grey, it was delivered last night, but I think it was ordered a few weeks back.  Mr. Grey had the car seat base professionally installed.  It’s all ready to go.”  I shake my head as Sawyer takes Teddy in the car seat from me and snaps it into the base, giving it a shake to check it is properly latched.  I climb in, Sawyer and Ryan sit up front, and Harry rides in the third row.  It’s official.  I have an entourage. 
To: Christian Grey
From:  Anastasia Grey
Date: May 29, 2012  10:03 am
Subject: New ride
Teddy and I are safely ensconced in our new ride.  Though it is lovely, do we really need a fifth car?  It seems a tad improvident. 
And when did we decide we needed a new car?
xo Ana (and Teddy)
Teddy is starting to fuss a bit.  “Ma’am” Sawyer pipes up.  “Um, Mr. Grey supplied a music selection for the car.  There are some lullabies.  Should I play one?”  Christian thinks of everything.
“Yes, please.”  We continue towards Neimans with Mozart playing.  My phone buzzes and I see Christian’s response.
To: Anastasia Grey
From:  Christian Grey
Date: May 29, 2012  10:12 am
Subject: Ungrateful passengers
Yes, we do need another SUV.  There are times when I need to take the black one.  Would you put Teddy in the back of your Saab or R8 – both convertibles?  Stop frowning and be reasonable.
Enjoy shopping.
Christian Grey
CEO and car fleet owner, Grey Enterprise Holdings 
Good point, Mr. Grey.  I don’t think even I would be comfortable with Teddy in a convertible.
Carolyn Acton is well prepared for our arrival.  She knows my tolerance for trying on clothes is limited under ordinary circumstances and has correctly deduced it will be even more so with an infant in tow.  She has selected three gowns for me to choose from, and has matching wraps, shoes, purses, and undergarments for each.  She has also has a selection of casual outfits for my ‘interim’ size. 
“Mrs. Grey, to be truthful, though I have three dresses here, I am fairly certain which you should wear.  Do you want to try all three, or go right for what I think is the winner?”  I give her a look as if she needed to ask.
“Good.”  She takes down the middle dress.  It is floor length silver with a boat neckline.  The top looks slightly loose and blousy, and the bottom is narrow and straight to the floor with a rather high slit.  “Mrs. Grey, this dress is loosely fitted on top so it can account for the size of your chest changing during the course of the evening and does not require your stomach to be flat.  The slit will emphasize your fabulous legs.  And the piece-de-resistance…” She spins the dress around – it is backless!  “Yes, it has a little bit of sexy.  Let’s get you into this.”
I start to protest “Ms. Acton, I cannot possible wear that.  I, er, I need to wear a bra right now.” 
“Mrs. Grey, there is a bra built in.  And if you like it, we’ll have pockets sewn in for those breast feeding pads.”  She seems to know what she is talking about.  I acquiesce, undress, and allow Carolyn and her staff member to slip me into the dress.
She was right.  The top is comfortable, the built in bra is supportive, and the slit!  I cannot wait for Christian to see the slit.  The edge of the top runs down my sides.  I turn to see the back.  It is just barely covering my behind.  “Ms. Acton, this is beautiful, but how am I to keep the sides down and keep it from slipping to far down in the back.  I don’t want to expose myself while I am dancing.”
“Mrs. Grey, you will be taped in.”
“Taped…how?  By whom?”
Before I know what is happening, I have booked Adele, Ms. Acton’s assistant, as my dressing assistant for Saturday evening.  I muse, what have I become that I cannot even put on a dress myself? While I’m at it, maybe I should have Franco come to do my hair.  I was thrilled when Franco contacted me over the winter to announce he was opening his own salon.  Though he didn’t say it, he was, of course, seeking the public patronage of Mrs. Christian Grey.  I did one better and dragged Grace, Mia, and Kate with me to the opening.  Christian’s name may have clout, but Grace and Mia have oodles of friends.  In return, Franco has no problem coming to the house on the infrequent occasions I need him, and I think I’ll need him. 
I give Franco a quick call and make the arrangements while my purchases are rung up.  In addition to the dress, I’ve bought some casual summer skirts, a pair of jeans, and two pairs of capris.  That should tide me over until Claude gets his hands on me. I also bought a black lacy negligee that I am 26 days away from using.  I mull over making Christian and I a countdown calendar. 
Ryan takes my purchases to the car as Carolyn Acton directs me to Neimans renowned nursing room.  I lurked a bit on some new mommy bulletin boards online and found one listing the best places to nurse in Seattle.  Neimans is at the top of the list.  
The room is just off the ladies room.  It has two changing tables, a dispenser for changing table covers, a sofa, a loveseat, and a glider.  Harry followed me in, made a quick sweep of the restroom area and the nursing area.  “Mrs. Grey, I will be just outside the door.  Call if you need anything.” 
“Thanks, Harry.”  There is no one else in the room at the moment.  I get Teddy’s diaper changed and look around.  I pick the loveseat, get comfortable, and get Teddy positioned.  He latches immediately and I smile.  I am getting good at this!  I relax a bit and think about how nice it is to be out.  I need to make sure I do this more frequently and that I take advantage of my time off.  The twelve weeks will go quickly.  I’ve almost shut down Christian’s entreaties about not returning to work.  I know if I don’t work I will get claustrophobic.  Plus I miss it.  I miss the interaction.  I miss the books.  Two good, no, great ideas pop into my head.  I adjust Teddy, grab my phone, and call Kate. 
“Hey, Mommy, how is it going?” Kate answers.
“It’s going well, but Teddy was wondering if Aunt Kate wants to have lunch with us sometime.  We could meet you near your office?  Teddy has never been to a restaurant before and…”
“I’d love to!” Kate squeals.  “But it’ll have to be next week.  How about Wednesday?  I know just the place near my work.”
“Sounds great.  Email me the details.  And I have another favor, which cannot be discussed in any emails.”  I outline my plan for Kate and as soon as we hang up the lunch invitation appears on my calendar with the restaurant location and a link to a review.  Perfect.
A woman about my age pushes a stroller with a crying infant into the nursing area.  I can tell she is frazzled as she talks to the baby, and herself as she tries to get things together.  I sympathize.  She has the baby on the changing table, holding him or her (I cannot tell from the pale green outfit) with one hand while fishing in her diaper bag with the other.  “Oh crap!” she exclaims and quickly covers her mouth with her hand.  “I’m so sorry, it just slipped out.” She takes a deep breath.  “Do you have a spare diaper, I think I’m out?”
My diaper bag is right by my foot.  I gingerly lean over, reach in and grab a diaper.  “Is size one okay?”  She nods.  Since she is stuck at the changing table, and I am stuck in my spot, I toss her the diaper.  “Nice catch.”
She smiles. “Thanks.  And I probably couldn’t repeat that catch with 10 tries.”  After diapering and redressing her baby, she settles into the glider to nurse.  “Thanks again.  I can just imagine the conversation with my husband that I forgot to restock the diaper bag.”  She rolls her eyes and I laugh.
“I understand completely.  I can actually hear what my husband would say ‘how could you forget?  What were you thinking?’”  We start laughing as we imitate our husbands.  Part of me feels a little uneasy, mocking Christian.  But it also feels good to let it out. 
“It makes me feel so much better to know I’m not the only one with a husband like that!” she says.
“Well, I have to admit, the reason I can hear what my husband would say is because I have heard it - the last time I forgot something really, really important…the outcome of which is sitting on my lap!”  Did I just admit that?
“Oh, no!” She bursts out laughing.
“Oh yes!” I retort.
“Well, at least my husband can’t blame me for that.  Broken condom for us” she blurts out while chuckling.
“Oh, no!” My turn to laugh.
“Oh yes!” she replies.  It takes a few minutes for our giggles to subside.
Twenty minutes of conversation later I learn she is an attorney, or just about one.  She got pregnant during her last year of law school.  She has a job lined up, and they deferred her start for three months for the obvious reasons.  Her son, it’s a boy, is two weeks older than Teddy.  I tell her I’m an editor.  We both plan on returning to work. 
As we get ready to leave the nursing room, I finally introduce myself.  “Hi, by the way.  I’m Ana, and this is Teddy.”  I purposefully avoid last names. 
“What a great name!  I’m Michelle, and this is Stephan.  Pleased to meet you.”
“Likewise.”  I respond.
Michelle pauses and thinks for a second.  “Ana, would you like to have a play date?  I don’t mean to be forward, but most of my friends are single and none have children.  It might be nice to hang out a little with someone in the same place, you know?”
I suddenly realize how much fun it was talking to her, another woman with a similar life situation.  Except she probably has a normal husband, a normal house, and doesn’t have three security guards trailing her right now.  I want this play date.  “That would be super.  What’s your phone number – I’ll send you a quick text so you will have mine, too.”  We exchange numbers and I make a mental note to change my voicemail to have just my first name.  I don’t know why I am being so secretive…well, yes I do.  I want to be liked for me, not as the wife of Christian Grey. 
As we exit the ladies room, I avoid eye contact with Harry.  I hate being rude, not acknowledging the staff, but I really don’t want my new friend to know I have to have security.  Michelle and I say goodbye and head off in different directions.  I wait until she’s out of sight before I turn to Harry, who has fallen in two steps behind me.  I notice that Sawyer has also joined us and is pacing me about 5 feet to my left.  “Is Ryan bringing the car around?”
“Yes, ma’am.  He is waiting at the South entrance.  This way please.”  Sawyer responded for Harry.  I realize I should have addressed my question to him as he is the senior man on the team.  Somedays I wonder if I will ever feel normal with all of this.
As soon as we are buckled into the car, Sawyer hands me a take out container from the restaurant at Neimans and a bottled water.  “Ma’am, I noticed you hadn’t had a chance to grab lunch.”  Noticed my derriere.  He is obviously under instructions to make sure I eat.  I want to object, call Christian, and tell then both where they can shove this sandwich…but I am hungry.  It really isn’t a threat to my independence if I eat. 
“Thank you, Sawyer.”
Just as I finish inhaling my food, I get a call from Grace.
“Ana dear, how are you and how is my precious grandson?”  I can practically hear her beaming over the phone.
“We’re good, Grace.  We are on our way home from Neimans and Teddy is conked out in his carseat.  How are you?” 
“To be honest, I am suffering from withdrawal.  I have not seen my grandson in nearly 72 hours and, if you’ll forgive me intruding, I would love to stop over today.”
She knows I can’t deny her, but I was really looking forward to a nap after this morning’s excursion.  “Why don’t you and Carrick come over for dinner, say around 6?”  We quickly agree to this plan and I shoot off a quick note.
To: Christian Grey
From:  Anastasia Grey
Date: May 29, 2012  1:27 pm
Subject: Deprived Grandparents
Your parents will be coming over for dinner tonight, though I daresay they may not even notice if you and I aren’t there.  They will be over around 6.  Will you be home for dinner?
xo Ana
I’m just putting my Blackberry away when it buzzes with a response.
To: Anastasia Grey
From:  Christian Grey
Date: May 29, 2012  1:31 pm
Subject: Deprived husbands
I had planned on an evening workout with Claude to get rid of some excess energy that has been building up, but I will cancel and be there for dinner.  Make sure Mrs. Taylor knows we will be four. 
Christian Grey
CEO, Grey Enterprise Holdings
Excess energy, boy could I use that.  Or make him put it to good use!
To: Christian Grey
From:  Anastasia Grey
Date: May 29, 2012  1:33 pm
Subject: Deprived wives
I know of some ways to ease your deprivation (and encourage your depravity).
xo, and now breathing heavily, Ana
I blush as I hit send.  That should get him going.   The response comes back quickly.
To: Anastasia Grey
From:  Christian Grey
Date: May 29, 2012  1:36 pm
Christian Grey
Frustrated CEO, Grey Enterprise Holdings
Oh no, not re-hashing this discussion.
To: Christian Grey
From:  Anastasia Grey
Date: May 29, 2012  1:39 pm
Subject: Other Things
As previously acknowledged, there is a plethora of ‘other things’ to be explored.  Free your mind, Christian.
Feeling imaginative, xo, Ana
Feeling quite please with myself throwing words he used so long ago back at him.  If Sawyer, Ryan, and Harry wonder why I’m grinning so widely, they don’t let it show. 
To: Anastasia Grey
From:  Christian Grey
Date: May 29, 2012  1:45 pm
Subject: Imagination Gone Wild
As ever, you make a fair point my dear wife.  Will spend the day in meetings contemplating ‘other things’ that will keep my mind from being free.  And watch that smart mouth – motherhood does not exempt one from spanking.  Come to think of it, spanking would be well within Dr. Green’s rules.
Christian Grey
Fantasizing CEO, Grey Enterprise Holdings
My ear to ear grin from that missive lasts me the rest of the day. 


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