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Monday, July 9, 2012

Chapter 6 - Lunch and Learn

It’s Friday morning and for some odd reason I feel well rested.  It might be because I fell… no, I collapsed asleep right after Teddy’s 8 pm feeding.  Though I woke 3 times in the night to feed him, Teddy seemed to know Mommy was not up for dilly-dallying.  Wake, eat, back to sleep. 
Mmm.  I stretch out in the big bed and check the clock.  8 a.m.  Teddy will want to be fed by 9, so I get up to shower.  I wish Christian would have stayed home.  I wish I could have kept my eyes open long enough last night to thank him for the gift of “foundation garments,” as Ms. Stanton might say.  I can’t help but feel guilty.  All through the pregnancy I swore I would not let our family life inhibit our sex life – Christian and I would never become one of those couples who rarely have sex.  And three weeks later, I am unable to fight the heaviness in my eyelids long enough to just show him a little gratitude.  The logical side of me knows I should not feel guilty.  But despite all cogent thinking, in my heart I feel culpable for any alteration of our lifestyle.  Dr. Flynn and I have spoken about at length about the need to set aside any self-reproach regarding the accidental pregnancy and just move forward, and that the burden of our happiness does not lie with me alone.   Easier said than done.
I carry the baby monitor to the bathroom and get ready to shower.  The opulent master bath was modeled after the most luxurious hotel at which I had ever stayed.  Of course, since it was designed during our engagement the list of high end hotels that had been graced with my presence was short – just two.  Growing up the only vacations I ever took were either fishing trips with Ray, where we stayed in a cabin or a tent, or beach trips with both Ray and mom where we stayed in a beach side motel. Then I spent a night with Christian at the Heathman and, three weeks later, a night at the Olympia.  The Olympia, where Christian and I first truly made love, is the model for our bath. 
Our master bath is larger than the whole second story on Ray’s house where I grew up, and done with wall to wall carrera marble where the marbling has a sort of stripe to it…the designer called it ‘fluid’.  The shower is beyond spacious and has two sets of six head spouts at either end.  A long marble bench runs the length of the shower.  I think the entire Mariners team could shower in here.  Opposite the shower, the vanity runs the length of the room and has the standard double sinks, a seated make up station for me, and a hairdresser’s sink on the far end.  That was a late addition and a surprise for Christian.  After the first time I cut his hair, right after our honeymoon, it has become my job.  And I love it.  Leaning him back over the sink, washing his hair and massaging his scalp, and carefully styling and taming his copper mane.  It is one of the only times Christian really sanctions my taking care of him.  And for those thirty minutes, he cedes precious control to me.  Which is huge for both of us.  I could never give that up.
But that small concession of control, which I adore in no small part because Christian’s control tendencies are ossified in his intransigent personality, lights a spark in me.  I both hate and love to admit it.  And I fantasize about it.  Another discussion with Flynn.
I check the time and I had better get moving.  I turn on one bank of shower heads, quickly strip and get under the steaming spray.  God, this feels good.  As I lather over my body, running my hands over my arms, legs, torso, breasts, and sex for a split second I contemplate doing something I’ve never done without Christian present.  But only for that split second.  For some reason, I don’t think he would like it.  I have a flash back to the contract.  He definitely wouldn’t like it. 
As I wash my hair I let my mind wander.  I think of taking family vacations with Christian and Teddy, fishing in Aspen with Ray, the beach in Georgia with mom.  I think about control.  What would I do if I could control a scene with Christian?  I have the most delicious thoughts, but I know it won’t ever happen.  A girl can dream, though.  Sigh.
I think about letting Christian down last night.  He would say I’m overthinking.  If there is such a thing.  Then I have an idea, and it is time to get out of this heavenly shower anyway, I’m all pruney.
I dress in one of my new print skirts. It’s mauve with a swirly peach pattern.  I pair it with a peach t-shirt and peach cork platforms, and I go to wake my sweet son.
After nursing and dressing, Teddy, we head to the kitchen for my breakfast. 
“What would you like to eat, Mrs. Grey” the omnipresent Mrs. Taylor inquires.
“A cheese omelet would be lovely, Mrs. Taylor.”  Gail gets to work and I locate my blackberry for a quick call.
“Christian Grey’s office, Andrea speaking.”
“Hello Andrea, this is Mrs. Grey.”  Christian is uncomfortable using first names with the household staff, but that doesn’t even compare about how he feels the staff in his office should address him and me.  I think the intern, Olivia, called me Ana once.  The force of Christian’s scowl would have even made Mia shrink.  I’m certain it won’t happen again, and I try to make sure I maintain the formality so I don’t cause anyone to face that glare.
“Good morning, Mrs. Grey.  Mr. Grey is not in the office this morning.”  Christian had mentioned some off site meeting, something about due diligence on a potential acquisition. 
“Oh, I know Andrea.  Can I ask when you were expecting him back?” 
“He said he would be in around 11:30, Mrs. Grey.”  Perfect.
“Andrea, does he have any lunch engagements?”  Keeping my fingers crossed.
“No, ma’am.  He actually blocked 11:30 to 1 for lunch and correspondence.”  Well, that couldn’t get any better. 
“That’s perfect, Andrea.  If his plans change, could you let me know?” 
Andrea’s hesitation was almost humorous.  I’m certain no one ever asked her to report on Christian’s movements.  It was rare that I enquired; no one else would have gotten any answer.  After a few moments, Andrea replied “I can do that, ma’am.” 
Just as I hang up, Mrs. Taylor sets down my omelet. She’s added some fresh fruit to the plate.  I believe she is under instructions to try to get food in me.  I’ve caught Christian trying to count my calories twice.  It’s my own fault for not stopping him from reading so much about pregnancy and child development.  If I hear one more time about the calories nursing women need!
But I need to focus.  “Mrs. Taylor, can you pack a picnic for Mr. Grey and me,” I mumble between bites.
“Yes, ma’am.  I didn’t know you and Mr. Grey had lunch plans.”
“Neither does he.”  I giggle.  “And don’t say anything to security until the last minute.  They’ll tell YOUR husband who will tell mine.”
“Yes, ma’am.  One surprise picnic coming up.”
When I’ve finished my omelet and, dutifully, my fruit, Teddy and I retreat to the family room for a while.  Christian was saying something about tummy time over dinner.  I really must extricate all child rearing material from that man before he drives me crazy.   Nevertheless, I give it a try.  And Teddy wails.  Well, that lasted for six seconds.
At 10 minutes before 11 a.m., it is time to put plans into motion.  I get Teddy ready with a fresh diaper and give Sawyer a call.  “Sawyer, could you bring the car around and get the team together.  Teddy and I are going out.”
“Yes, ma’am.  What is the destination?”  Oh no you don’t.  I am not giving him the chance to call this in to Taylor.
“We’ll discuss it in the car, Sawyer.”
“Um…yes, ma’am.”  It is so easy to fluster Sawyer. 
I check and restock the diaper bag, swing through the kitchen to pick up the picnic basket, and head to the door, where Harry is waiting for me.  “Could you grab the stroller that goes with the carseat, Harry?” I instruct while buckling Teddy into his car seat.  We walk out together just as Sawyer and Ryan are pulling up in the white SUV. 
I can’t help but shake my head as we all pile in.  If I have a second child we will need a caravan of vehicles.  I visualize my own personal motorcade as we drive to elementary school.  Oh, fifty.   My ears perk up just as we are about to exit through the gate.
“Mrs. Grey, I would need that destination right about now.”
“Certainly, Sawyer.  Grey House.  And do not, I repeat, DO NOT, notify Taylor.  I am surprising Mr. Grey with lunch and you will not ruin my surprise.  I am watching you.  No calls, no texts.  Got it?”
Sawyer hesitates.  I know he is trying to figure out how to comply with Christian’s intended operating procedure and what I have just said.  Then he sighs and says “Very well, ma’am.”  My subconscious feels a little bad for him, but my inner goddess has poms poms out and is cheering me on.
Well, part A of my plan is well underway.  Now for part B – distraction technique.
To: Christian Grey
From:  Anastasia Grey
Date: May 31, 2012 11:10 am
Subject: Mergers & Acquisitions
Hoping you had an agreeable morning with compliant clientele.
I did not.  My chief customer at the moment, a Mr. Theodore Raymond Grey, decidedly does NOT care for the prescribed tummy time.  I cannot spell his exact words, but I will paraphrase ‘Mom, I can’t see you, my neck hurts, turn me the @*^*%&^ over!’
xo Ana
@$%&^* Teddy
Christian is always suspicious of any radio silence, so a well timed email should through him off the scent.
To: Anastasia Grey
From:  Christian Grey
Date: May 31, 2012 11:16 am
Subject: Accommodating customers and appropriate language.
Mrs. Grey,
I must ask you to immediately curb the foul language you are using around our impressionable son.  As soon as he can read and write he will be using special characters to represent words with which he has no business.  I must bid you to cease at once.
As for my morning, it was quite pleasant and should, in the long run, be quite profitable.  Strike one up in the win column for Team Grey (that includes you, my dear).
The due diligence team and I are about to head back to Grey House for the afternoon.   I beseech you to rest well today.  You made some promises in your sleep last night o which I intend to hold you.  Something about expressing gratitude.
Christian Grey
#^%#*@ CEO, Grey Enterprise Holdings
I have GOT to stop talking in my sleep.  What exactly did I promise?  Well, I have a good guess.  But I will be attending to that shortly. 
“Ma’am, I, uh, was thinking” Sawyer interjects into my thoughts. This should be interesting.  “It is your intent to surprise Mr. Grey, but the team in the lobby will notify him as soon as you set foot in the building.”  Damn it, he’s right.  “Would you consider using the service entrance?  I can work it out with on site security when we get there, and Mr. Grey’s immediate team would not get called.”  I immediately see the brilliance in this idea.  When I usually go to Christian’s office, by the time I step off the elevator there are typically at least 2 interns standing at attention waiting to take my coat and beverage orders.
“They won’t call up to the executive floor?”
“Not if I ask them not to.  I’ll be honest with them and tell them you want to surprise Mr. Grey.  Most of the Grey House security team have spouses.  They’ll understand.”
“Then let’s do that, Sawyer.”  We are only a few blocks away.  As we near the building, instead of pulling up to the front or in the parking garage, like I am used to, Sawyer goes past the building and turns into the alley on the far side.  At the far end of the block is a three bay loading dock.  There is one truck in the third bay unloading a rather large machine of some sort.  Sawyer pulls halfway into the first bay, which is right next to some stairs.  Immediately two men appear and start walking briskly towards the car.  One is wearing the sportcoat worn by all the Grey House security staff and the other is in dark green workpants and work shirt.  I ascertain he is the loading dock manager.
Sawyer steps out of the car and before either of the men can say anything he identifies himself as personal security for the Grey family.  The security man reaches for a cell phone and Sawyer stops him “Hold up for a second.  Mrs. Grey would like to surprise Mr. Grey with lunch.  If you call ahead, that would defeat her purpose.  You may be familiar with Mr. Grey when he is, uh, unhappy.  That ain’t nothing compared to being ripped a new one by Mrs. Grey.”  I’m slipping out of the car when he says this last bit and he turns to me.  “Apologies, ma’am.”  I know he is just trying to get them to break protocol and I try not to giggle. 
After a moment, the dock manager shrugs “I have a wife and she would string me up if I messed up Mrs. Grey’s plans.  Let’s sneak her in.” 
The security guard is more hesitant, but when he sees me start to take Teddy from the car he gets on board with the plan.  “Hey, you brought the little guy!  You would have thought it was a national holiday around here when he was born.”  I have no idea what he is talking about.
“Did Mr. Grey do something for the staff when our son was born?” I ask.
Both men start laughing and the security guard answers “Yeah, I’ll say.  The whole building was flooded with chocolate cigars, there was a lunch buffet for all staff, and he let everyone out at 3 pm to…his words…take time to enjoy your family while I enjoy mine.”  I had no idea Christian had done that.
“There were so many of those cigars…I brought a bunch home to my kids” the dock manager added.  I wonder if Grey employees at other sites got the same treatment.  I’ll have to ask Hannah if Grey Publishing did anything when I break radio silence with work.
With the ice broken, Ryan unloads the picnic basket.  I decide to forgo the stroller, since there are a few steep steps here.  Sawyer takes Teddy’s car seat from me and Harry spots me on the stairs.  We walk into the building and are ushered into a freight elevator.  The dock security guard gets on with us to escort us to the executive floor.  He looks at Sawyer for a second “Once Mrs. Grey is upstairs, we’ll have to follow protocol and notify the security office.” 
“I’ll have Taylor call it in once Mrs. Grey is in situ” Sawyer responds. This seems satisfactory.  The doors open to the executive floor, but an area with which I am not familiar.  It appears we are still very much ‘behind the scenes’.  “This way ma’am” Sawyer gestures down a bland concrete corridor.  He is obviously familiar with the layout.  I am escorted to a door about thirty feet down the hall and Sawyer opens and holds it while the rest of us walk through.  We enter the executive suite to the right and behind the reception desk, where Andrea is seated.
“Hi Andrea.”  At my greeting Andrea practically jumps several feet in the air. 
“Mrs. Grey, where…how…no one called to say you were here” she finally spits out. Then she sees Sawyer carrying the car seat “Teddy’s here!”  Her squeal is so high pitched then entire security team cringes.  Olivia and another intern, what is her name?, appear out of nowhere and suddenly they are fawning and making faces.  Sawyer doesn’t know where to turn, he looks a bit cornered…which he is.
“Ahem, Andrea?  I am attempting to surprise Mr. Grey, which is nearly impossible.  Is he in his office?”
“No, ma’am.  We expect him in about 15 minutes.” At least I got her attention.  
“May I wait in his office?” I inquire.
“Certainly, Mrs. Grey.  Should…should I let him know you are here?”
“No, Andrea.  Just let him walk in and find me and do your best NOT to say anything.  Even if he tries to intimidate you.  Can you do that?”
“Yes, ma’am.” I look at the other two ladies and they nod as well.
“Great.  I’m going in the office and I will have the door closed.  Andrea, Is there some way you can signal me when he arrives?”
“Mrs. Grey, with the door closed you won’t hear anything.  Mr. Grey’s office is sound proof.”
Add that to the list of things I didn’t know.  “It is?”
“Yes, ma’am.” She sighs. “Sometimes it is best that we don’t hear Mr. Grey’s, um” Andrea pauses while she tries to come up with the right words, “animated conversations.  Though other times it might let us know his mood.”  Andrea suddenly puts her hand over her mouth “I’m sorry, I, uh, didn’t mean…”
“It’s alright, Andrea.  I am well aware of Mr. Grey’s animated conversation style.”  Translation: Mr. Fifty yells at people.  A lot.  She looks relieved. 
“Hey, I could just beep the intercom once” Andrea offers.  “When he arrives I’ll just push the button and his phone will beep.  Then you’ll know he is here.”
“That would be perfect.  I’ll just go settle in.”  I head to Christian’s office.  Ryan brings the picnic basket in and sets in on the coffee table and Sawyer sets down the car seat.  “Is it possible for the three of you to lie low somewhere so Mr. Grey doesn’t see you?”  Sawyer is looking very hesitant.  I raise my right hand “I swear to you, I will not leave this office.  Cross my heart.”  I make the crossing gesture, and Sawyer gives Harry and Ryan a nod. 
“We’ll wait in the security office ma’am.”  That wasn’t so hard.  Sawyer, Ryan, and Harry leave me in the office, but Andrea is still in the doorway. 
“Ma’am, did you want us to watch the baby?  We don’t mind at all.”
“Thank you, Andrea.  But I need to feed him.  Perhaps he can sit with you while Mr. Grey and I eat lunch.”  She smiles at my response, and I close the door behind her. 
Now, where to do this?  Looking at the conference table, the sofa, the armchairs, I quickly realize the best seat is the desk chair.  I scoop up Teddy and walk behind Christian’s desk and sit down.  Using the chair arms for leverage, I quickly get Teddy settled and nursing.  I don’t want to pry, but sitting there practically immobile my eyes start to scan his desk.  There are several financial reports, lots of charts with lots of numbers, something titled ‘preliminary due diligence’, and some legal looking documents titled ‘deposition preparation’.  There is also something with Teddy’s name on it, it looks legal, too. 
I see the photos on his desk, remembering the day I met him.  There were no photos then.  There are three now.  The first is a small version of one of the photos Jose took of me.  Christian had asked him to print them all as 5 x 7.  In this one my nose is scrunched up and I am laughing.  I suspect he rotates which one is on the desk since the others are not in sight.  The second photo is one of us dancing at our wedding.  The third I had not seen before.  It is me seated in the nursery glider holding Teddy and my eyes are closed.  Since I have no recollection of taking the photo, I must have been asleep.  I try to ascertain when it was taken by my outfit or Teddy’s, but I am not sure. 
The intercom beeps once.  Christian must be here.  I decide to turn the chair from the door so he has to ‘find’ me, as I do I shift Teddy to the other side.
I can feel the seconds ticking away.  Finally I hear the door open, but no one speaks.  Then I hear “Taylor, please locate Mrs. Grey for me.”  I smile. 
I hear Taylor, obviously farther out in the lobby, reply “Yes, Sir.”  Seconds continue to creep by, but Christian doesn’t move or speak, and I remain still.  “Sir.”  It is Taylor and, by the sound of his voice, he is standing next to Christian now. “I’ve located Mrs. Grey.  I believe that is her sitting in your chair.” 
“That is what I suspected.”  Christian emphasized each word, practically purring.  “Thank you, Taylor.”  I hear Christian take a step into the office and then I hear the door close.  I want to spin the chair around and see him, but I make myself hold steady.  I hear his footsteps, he is walking very slowly…making me wait.  At last he strides around the desk, sits on the edge of the credenza and looks down at me smiling.  I’m half exposed as Teddy is still nursing.  I smile back at him.
“Well” Christian says quietly “this is a beautiful sight.”  He kisses the top of Teddy’s head and I gasp as I feel his breath across my breast.  “You are a beautiful sight.” He kisses me gently on the lips.
“Surprise” is all I can say. 
“And a wonderful surprise it is.”  His smile lights up his face as his eyes look me up and down.  For a moment his eyes stop at my breasts and his expression changes, slightly, but then he moves on.  “How did you get in here without Taylor and I knowing, my dear?”
“Oh, I have my ways.”  I am not going to rat out the loading dock staff…not when I may need to do this again sometime. 
Christian reaches up and traces my jaw line with his knuckles “oh, do you now.”  He drops his hand and continues “well, as long as it is beneficial for me, I guess I can let you have a secret or two.  Now that you are here, what are your intentions, Mrs. Grey.” 
Now I smile “my intention, Mr. Grey, is to give you some of my attention…without falling asleep on you.”  At this Christian chuckles.  “Once our son has finished his meal, we can ask Andrea to keep an eye on him while we eat ours.  Then, if you are a good boy, maybe we can have a little role play.”  Christian’s eyebrows shoot up at that and he looks at me quizzically.  “If you are good, perhaps we can play ‘stressed out executive and the accommodating secretary.”  I turn my chair a so I can see the desk.  “Yes, I think I could fit under there just fine.”  I glance over my shoulder at Christian and he mouth is gaping for a split second.  Then he recovers himself.
“I shall have to be a good boy then, won’t I?”  I smile and nod. Teddy finishes up and Christian takes him while I reassemble myself.  “Now Teddy, what is this I hear about no tummy time.”  Before I realize what he is doing and can stop him, Christian has Teddy lying on the carpet.  Just fed baby, white carpet…
“Uck!  Ana!”
“Christian!  You can’t put a just fed baby on their stomach!”  I bolt to the bathroom to get a towel and proceed to clean up on my hands and knees.  “And you should always put a receiving blanket or something underneath him.  Babies aren’t predictable.”  I’m focused on getting the carpet clean when I realize he is uncharacteristically silent.  I look at him and his eyes show it all.  Discomfort.  Sorrow.  Fear.  Panic.  My subconscious sneers at me ‘look what you did!’
“Christian, I… I wasn’t yelling at you.”  No response.  He has that confused look.  I take a deep breath and look at him.  “Christian, look at me.”  His eyes meet mine.  “Breathe.  It is just spit up.”  I annunciate each word.  “Nothing dramatic.  Now, count to five.  Then, I want you to take control of the situation.”  
I sit back on my heels and wait while Christian stares at me.  He takes a deep breath and his expression changes.  He stands, walks directly to the desk and presses the intercom.  “Andrea, please book the carpet cleaners to do my office this evening.”
“Yes, sir” comes over the intercom.  Christian turns and leans against his desk and trains his eyes on me.  He looks better, but not quite himself yet.    
I finish my clean up of Teddy and, as much as possible, the carpet.  Teddy’s eyes are a little droopy, so I scoop him up, quickly change his diaper, and get him settled in his carseat and buckled.  I glance at Christian and hold up one finger.  Then I take Teddy out to Andrea, who squeals at being handed Teddy.
I reenter the office, close the door, and walk straight into Christian’s arms.  I feel his elevated heart rate through his shirt.  I am so mad at myself.  How could I have yelled?  His parenting fears are so deep and complex, and I suspect I just made him take a giant leap backwards. 
“You ok?” I ask.  He just nods and holds me.  I need to fix this.  I lean back and look up at him.  “Christian, it is just spit up on a carpet.  I have to tell you, it will probably happen again.  Teddy will probably ruin one or two of your suits, too.  A diaper may leak in the car.  At some point there will be crayon on a wall or furniture.  Pasta on the floor.”  His face is beginning to relax.  “There will be spilled paint, overflowing baths, marker on the cabinets. There will be fevers, rashes, ear infections.” 
Christian sighs and most of the tension has left him.  “Christian, no amount of control will prevent these things.  But you can control the aftermath.  Like you just did.” 
We are looking at each other and I watch as his expression evolves to one with which I am much more familiar.  The ends of his mouth curl up and then before I know it his mouth is on mine.  This is not the gentle kiss of an adoring husband, this is a pouring out of passion of a lost man.  Christian pauses to let me catch my breath, clasping my face in his hands.  Then before I can complete a thought, he has twisted me and lain me across the desk, across the scattered paperwork. 
“Christian!  What are you doing?”  I try to suppress my giggles as he kisses my neck. 
Christian lifts his head, stares directly at me, “Mrs. Grey, I am controlling the aftermath.”  Christian’s lips return to my neck and start tracing downward.  He pushes my t-shirt up and kisses between my breasts while his thumb traces the undersides through my bra. I notice he avoids my nipples, which is just as well since I may leak all over him and I’m not sure how he would take that. I return my focus to what Christian is doing to my body…his lips are trailing down my stomach and then he kisses just above the waistband of my skirt.  Then his lips and hands jump to my thighs as he pushes my skirt up.  His lips are on my inner thigh as his hand cups my sex through my panties.  Then he nuzzles me right there and I let out a moan.  Andrea said sound proof, right?
I feel his fingers hook into the sides of my panties and slide them down.  He pauses and I feel just his hot breath on me…he is building the anticipation…waiting.  “Please” I gasp.  I can almost hear him smile as he obliges.  Then his lips and tongue are on me.  “Oh, God, Christian.”  It isn’t going to take much more as his lips and tongue are toying with me. 
“Come for me, Ana”  he compels me.  And then I’m falling blissfully over the edge. 
When I regain my senses, I am still laying on the desk with my feet dangling over the side and Christian is next to me, watching my face and poking a little something into my side.  “You are so beautiful.”  He kisses my nose and nudges my side again.
“Thank you dear.  However, my conditions from earlier still stand.  You need to be a good boy through lunch to get your reward.  Though I must say, you have made an admirable start.”  Christian laughs at my teasing, then helps me re-assemble myself. 
We wander over to the coffee table and I sit on the floor while Christian unpacks Mrs. Taylor’s handiwork.  Caprese subs with a slice of prosciutto, a container of strawberries, and a thermos of lemonade.  I discover I am famished.  Between the machinations of surprising my husband to the working over he just gave me, I have cultivated quite an appetite.  I’m midway through inhaling my sub when I catch Christian staring at me.  “What?” I mumble through I mouth full of food.
“I love watching you eat.”  He smiles.  I have to shake my head.
After I swallow the food in my mouth I reply “Christian, you watch me eat, you watch me sleep.  What’s next…watching me in the bathroom?”  I realize I may have just opened a door that really should stay closed.  “WAIT.  Don’t answer that.  It. Will. Never. Happen.  Hard limit, Grey.”  Suddenly Christian is laughing so hard he lies back on the floor.  And I’m laughing, too.  We finish lunch as Christian lists the things he would like to watch and I give each a thumbs up or down.
“Cooking?” he asks.
“That’s ok” I reply.
“Teeth brushing?”
“No problem.”
“Dressing?  Undressing?”
“You already watch that.”
“Breast feeding?”
“You already do that, too.”
“Driving?  Walking? Showering?”
“Yes, yes, and yes.”
“But not the bathroom?”
We pack up the remnants of the picnic.  “Well, Mr. Grey.  Though your behavior is not quite sacrosanct, I believe it was good enough.”  He is grinning from ear to ear as I stand and take his hand.  I lead him over to his desk chair, then turn my back to prepare.  I turn back to him, flip my hair, and in a breathy voice say “Oh Mr. Grey, you work so hard.  You just seem so stressed all the time.  I know I’ve only worked here a short time, but I can be very helpful with tension release.”  I take a deep breath, put my hands on the chair arms, lean over him, and with my poutiest expression say “Won’t you let me help you, Mr. Grey.  For the good of the company, of course.” 
Christian is trying his hardest not to crack up.  He puts on a serious face and looks at me “Well.  For the good of the company, as you say.” 
I push his chair back slightly and drop to my knees.  I unzip his slacks and reach in to free his member, which springs to attention immediately.  With my breathy secretary voice I say “Oh, Mr. Grey.  I think I see where you are carrying all your tension.  Don’t worry, I know just what to do.”  Christian’s smile is so wide, I think he’ll burst into laughter any second.  But I know how to stop that. 
Slowly I envelope him in my mouth.  I close my eyes and just feel him against my tongue.  I swirl my lips around him and gradually ease him in and out.  At each pass I twist my tongue around his tip.  Christian moans and I glance up at him.  His head is back against the chair and his eyes are closed.  I continue my assault, cupping his balls in my hands as my mouth continues to work his shaft. Bit by bit, I increase my pace.  I hear his breath quicken and feel his body tense, I know he is close.  I take all of him in my mouth again, then pull back and increase the suction on his tip while squeezing with my hand.  He cries out and I deep throat him once more, swallowing as he comes.
“Fuck, Ana, yes!” he yells.
As his breathing returns to normal, I tuck him back into his slacks and rise up on my knees to look at him.  He pulls me into his lap and kisses me and I lay my head on his shoulder.
“Yes, Ana.”
“Is your office really sound proof?”  At my question, Christian lets loose a loud guffaw. 
“Yes, my office is really sound proof.  And it would be a little late if it wasn’t.”  He continues laughing. 
“Yes, Ana.”  He is still chuckling. 
“Are you feeling less stressed?”  The laughter picks up again.
“Yes, I am much less stressed.  Thank you.”
“Yes, Ana.”  His mirth is calming down.
“Thank you for the new bras.”
“You are welcome, Ana.  I can’t wait to see them.”  I am very comfortably resting on Christian, when I remember something.
“Christian, I saw something on the desk with Teddy’s name on it, what is that?”
“So curious, Mrs. Grey.”  He give me a peck on the nose.  “I am setting up Teddy’s trust fund.  His social security number came in the mail the other day, so I can finish the paperwork.”
“You’re giving Teddy a trust fund?”  This was news to me.
“No, we’re giving Teddy a trust fund.”  He sees my concern, so he elaborates.  “It will be set up so he won’t get most of the money until he is thirty, though there are provisions to release funds for education or a primary home.  Aside from that, we, as the trustees, can release funds at our discretion.”
This concerns me, but I don’t know how to put my worries into words.  “I…I don’t want our son to be a spoiled rich kid who doesn’t have to do anything but live off a trust.  I want him to be something.”
“So do I, Ana.  Think of it this way, with the trust in his back pocket, he has every option open to him.  He can start a business, he can be a teacher, he could dedicate his life to non-profit work or the arts.  He will never have to consider money when choosing where to put his efforts.”   When phrased like that, it sounds appealing. 
“How much are we talking about?”  I am almost afraid to ask.
“I’m thinking thirty million.”  I am so startled I nearly fall off Christian’s lap. 
“Christian…that...that is so much money.  I don’t know if I’m comfortable with that.”
Christian gives me a pat on the behind.  “We can talk about it later, but I do want to get it wrapped up next week.”  I have a feeling the discussion is over.  Christian glances at his watch “And I have a meeting in 15 minutes, so we had better get going.”  I stand, glance at the trust documents on the desk. 
“Christian, what is the deposition paperwork for?”
“I thought I had mentioned that to you?  Minor lawsuit, nothing to worry about.”  Ah, Fifty.  There it is again.  Your tell. 
We straighten ourselves out and head to the door to retrieve Teddy.  Except the only person there is the intern whose name I can’t remember.  No Andrea, no Teddy. 
Christian clears his throat to get her attention.  “Melissa, where is Andrea and our son?”  Melissa...I should try to remember that. 
“Oh, Mr. and Mrs. Grey.  Andrea and Olivia took him to meet some of the staff.”  Oh, this might not go over well.  So much for keeping him germ free.  Christian’s face is shocked.  Suddenly Taylor and Sawyer appear from the service door.
“Taylor, do you have a location on Teddy?” Christian asks. 
Taylor talks into his phone for a second.  The security team all have the walkie talkie like feature on their phones.  “Ryan, I need your twenty.”
The voice over the phone is clear. “We’re in finance or accounting. Eighth floor.” 
Christian, Sawyer, Taylor, and I all head to the elevator and ride silently down to the eighth floor.  When the elevator doors open I see an expansive area filled with cubicles.  Along the left wall are offices.  There must be hundreds of people who work on this floor!   I’ve never really seen beyond the executive suite.  We see a gathering at the far end.  Christian takes my hand and strides purposefully toward the crowd.  As we reach them I hear people cooing and making baby talk. 
Christian stops at the edge of the swarm and then loudly says.  “Ahem.  Has anyone seen my son?”  Everyone looks up at him and the mob parts like the red sea.  We walk to the center, where Teddy is still in his car seat looking around at all the faces, who are now all looking at Christian. Andrea looks slightly terrified.  She is flanked by Harry and Ryan, who are stoic as usual. 
Christian assesses the situation, drops my hand, takes the receiving blanket from the edge of the carseat and throws it over his arm.  He then unbuckles Teddy and lifts him up to rest Teddy’s head on his shoulder.  A resounding awwww echoes through the open space.  I glance around and notice the looks from all the women.  This is not good.  I look at my husband, and shake my head, grinning slightly.  I get it. 
“Theodore, that is enough socializing for today.  Let’s allow these good people to get back to work.”  Christian’s eyes scan the room as he says the last part, emphasizing each word, and everyone chuckles. 
Ryan grabs the car seat and we head back to the elevators.  Christian, Teddy, and I along with the whole security crew pile in and head back to the top floor.  Unable to contain myself I blurt out “Ugh, I’ve created a monster!”  Christian looks at me amused and confused.  I turn to him “If I thought it was bad before when women practically threw themselves at you, it’s going to be a hundred times worse now.  There is nothing sexier than a man holding a baby.  Did you see those women?  Did you see how they looked at you?” 
Christian smiles and says nothing.  What can he say?  I turn and see all four security members heads down and shoulders practically shaking.  Even Taylor. “Oh, and what are all of you laughing at?  You’re the ones who’ll have to fend them off or face…Sawyer, what did you say earlier…oh yes, or face ‘Mrs. Grey ripping you a new one.’”  With that, the entire elevator breaks decorum with loud laughter.  I guess no one is really afraid of me. 
Everyone is still composing themselves as we exit the elevator.  Christian get’s Teddy secured in his car seat, Ryan fetches the picnic basket and diaper bag. 
Sawyer pipes up “Mrs. Grey, the car is still at the service entrance.  We should go out the way we came in.  Ryan, go get the car started.  Christian gives me a look as he figures out how we arrived, while Ryan disappears through the service door. 
“Well, Mrs. Grey.  Thank you for the surprise lunch.  I could make modifications to ensure you don’t sneak up on me again, but I rather enjoyed it.  So I’ll leave well enough alone.”  Christian takes me in his arms and kisses my forehead.
“Have a good afternoon, Mr. Grey.”  He releases me and my entourage and I turn for the door.  I remember something just before we leave.  “Christian, did you really treat everyone to lunch and an early day on Teddy’s birthday?”  Christian just shrugs, but Andrea, who has returned to her post, is smiling and nodding vigorously.  I shake my head.  Unpredictable fifty.
To: Anastasia Grey
From:  Christian Grey
Date: May 31, 2012 1:14 pm
Subject: Surprises and stress
Mrs. Grey,
Thank you for the most wonderful surprise.  I have to say I am quite taken with the ‘new secretary’ here.  I think I will personally mentor her.  May require another one on one session in my office. 
Unfortunately, I will be working late tonight and will not be home for dinner.  I’ll miss you and Teddy.
And thank Mrs. Taylor for lunch.
Christian Grey
CEO, Grey Enterprise Holdings
Before I can respond, my phone rings.  I check the caller ID…Grace.
“Hi Grace.”
“Hi Ana!  How are you and my adorable Grandson today.” 
“We are well.  We just had lunch with Christian at his office.”
“Oh, how delightful.  Listen, Ana, I was thinking…tomorrow will be such a busy day with the benefit and all, and I’m off this afternoon.  Would it be ok if I stopped by to give Teddy a hug?” 
I don’t want to deny her, but I really, really want to take a nap.  I make a split second decision and go for it.  “Grace, to be honest, I really need a nap.  Do you think you could watch Teddy for an hour while I nap?  I hope you don’t think I’m a bad hostess…”
Grace cuts me off “Hostess!  Ana, we are family.  First, I would be beyond thrilled to watch my grandson for however long you need.  It is important that you get your rest.  Second, it is about time you asked me to babysit!”
Babysit?  Did I say babysit?  I won’t dwell on semantics.  “Will 2:30 work for you, Grace?”
“Perfect!  I’ll see you then, dear.”  We say our goodbyes, and I reply to Christian
To: Christian Grey
From:  Anastasia Grey
Date: May 31, 2012 1:21 pm
Subject: Jealousy and Miss you already
Who is this new secretary?  I am feeling a twinge of jealousy and suspicion.  I think I will need to be part of your hiring process from now on…your admin staff will have to pass by me. 
I’ll miss you this evening.
xo Ana
PS – your mother is coming over this afternoon
I smile contentedly.  The day so far could not have gone much better, save the spit up episode.  And nothing left to do today but nap, eat, play with my son, and make last minute arrangements for the party tomorrow. 


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